About Us

Here at Conscious Consulting our focus is to move ideas and goals forward! How often have you found yourself stuck and unable to figure out the best route? Often day to day operations do not lend time to focus on areas like compliance and growth strategy. Our team works behind the scenes to research, plan and train you to move forward effectively. At any stage of your venture there are services for you. Our clients include individuals, churches and other organization structures, businesses and schools.


If you do not see something listed, simply contact us and we can best navigate you.

Our Skills 

Brand Strategy  Project Management     Business Development    Training 
Social Media 
  Growth Plans    Fundraising    Creative Initiatives

Work Milestones


Launched in Cleveland, OH

Though we started in Cleveland, OH as a one person company we have grown to multiple locations and a full staff ready to work on your ideas. 


Second Location

Conscious Consulting works with clients all over the world. As of summer 2019 we are physically located in both Cleveland, OH & Houston, TX. 


Ultimate Exit Strategy Program

We launched a signature 90 day intensive program designed for transitioning entrepreneurs.

Behind the Bulb

Collectively our team has a diverse background and apply that knowledge to every project.


Conscious Consulting started as my idea but our team and clients have refined and turned us into something I could have never imagined! I won't keep you long, I just wanted to say Hi.  Most projects I am pretty hands off but our signature program the Ultimate Exit Strategy is all ME. This program is everything I wished I had before launching. It is a realistic plan to help you transition into full time entrepreneurship without sacrificing steady income. You can check out my free training right here. 

Shalah Turner


Training & Development Clients

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